Your WVU Housing Opportunities and Options

There are several options for college housing. You can live in the dorms, off campus with roommates, off campus in a single room with roommates, or off campus alone. The housing situation that’s right for you will depend on your personality, study habits, and budget. Once you’ve decided what type of housing you’d like, you can take a tour of the WVU housing available.

Dorm Life

For the first-year college student, dorm life is ideal. You’ll have little responsibility past keeping your room clean and be able to meet many new people. You can chose to live in a shared room or a single room that shares a kitchen and bath.

While in the dorm, you’ll have the option of purchasing a meal plan from the university. This is a great way to make sure you have well-rounded meals at a good price. It can also give your parents peace of mind to know you won’t starve or try to live off of cereal while at school.

While living on-campus, you’ll have easy access to the whole university. Most classes will be within walking distance. Or, you can take the campus shuttle. They start early and run late.


Moving off campus can be a big decision. You’ll have more responsibility as rent will be due each month. You’ll also need to put down a security deposit that can be refunded if the apartment was left in good condition.

Some apartment complexes will have a shuttle service that will get you to campus and to major shopping areas. While this is convenient, you may also need a vehicle to accomplish weekly errands. One of the new additions to the college experience is the ability to track shuttles through GPS. That way you’ll know if you have five minutes or five seconds to get to the shuttle stop.

Many college apartment complexes work to provide fun outings, parties, and socials for the residents. This can be a great way to explore the area, meet new people, and make life-long friendships.

Shared Rooms

The decision to share WVU housing with a friend or stranger can leave a pit in the bottom of your stomach. Setting up a few boundaries will help keep things running smooth in your apartment. Always respect your roommate’s private space, even if you can see it when you sit on your bed. Never go into their drawers or closet or borrow things without asking first.

Why Finding the Right Student Housing Is Important

When you start college, you begin an exciting time of your life. But before you start celebrating, you need to research housing. In order to find the best Murray State housing, you need to compare the different options. Why is finding the right student housing so important? First of all, you need to be able to afford it. Second, it needs to be sufficient for you. And finally, you should be happy with it.

It Has to Be Affordable

There is no shortage of student housing. However, if you’re looking for something affordable, you might need to spend more time researching. The best student housing is the one that won’t break your budget. And while an extra $100 in rent may not sound like a lot, you should think about how many more hours you’ll have to work at your part-time job to come up with the additional rent.

Nobody is expecting you to live like a pauper. However, as a student, you are certainly not rich. And unless you want to end up in a lot of debt, you should create a budget and stick to it.

Will It Work for You?

Whether housing is sufficient for you or not can be debatable. However, you need to make sure that the housing you choose will work for you. If you have to rely on public transportation, then your new home needs to be accessible that way. If you don’t have time to visit a laundry mat, then you need a washer and dryer in your home.

While you don’t have to have a pool or a fitness center, those amenities can save you money in other ways. For example, living in student housing with an on-site gym might let you cancel your gym membership.

Are You Happy with It?

Presumably, you will spend the next few years in student housing. While you probably don’t have to sign a contract for several years, it makes sense to plan ahead. Moving costs money even if you’re moving within the same city. Before you pick a place, you should ask yourself if you can be happy living there.

Whether or not you like your Murray State housing might also depend on who lives with you. Most college students have a roommate for financial reasons. However, some roommates are difficult to live with. Before you make that kind of commitment, you need to make sure that you’re both on the same page.

Why You Should Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

Moving can be a big hassle for most people. Fortunately, you can easily hire someone else to do the work for you. But if you’re going to hire a moving company, you should take the extra time to find a full-service moving company like Easy Movers Inc.

In addition to moving your personal belongings, a full-service moving company can pack your things, move your car or piano, and even put your things in temporary storage for you. 

No Need to Do the Packing

You don’t have to pack in order to move your things. You can easily hire a moving company to do it all for you. What’s so great about that? Just think about it. When you move, how far in advance do you normally start packing? It’s quite likely that you will start collecting boxes several weeks before your actual move. First, you will pack the things that you don’t normally use. As your moving date gets closer, you will start packing up more of your stuff.

If you didn’t have to pack things yourself, you could save yourself a lot of hassle. Instead of living around boxes for several weeks or months, you can just go about your daily life until it’s time to move. This means you won’t be searching for things and unpacking boxes because of one item, either. Besides, a professional moving company is much better at wrapping up breakables safely. 

What about Moving Specialty Items?

Not every moving company can take care of special items. A lot of movers won’t move pianos or even antiques for you, because they can’t guarantee the safety of those items. If you own a lot of fragile or delicate things, you need to inquire whether the moving company will take care of those for you. 

Finally, if you’re planning a long-distance move, you might need someone to move one or more of your vehicles. Most local moving companies don’t have the ability to move your car for you. But if you can entrust your car and your personal belongings to the same company, then you have saved yourself a lot of hassle. 

Storage Facilities

Any moving company can put your things in a storage facility for you. However, not every moving company has its own storage facility that you can use. What’s the difference for you? If you hire a moving company to put your things in a storage facility, then you will be paying for a move. Whenever you ask to take your things out of storage and relocate them to your new home, you will be paying for another move.

A moving company that includes storage services is not going to charge you for two separate moves. Of course, you’ll still have to pay for storage, but that’s to be expected. By the way, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to store your belongings temporarily. For example, utilizing temporary storage gives you time to find a new home in your new city.

Hiring the Right Company

If you want to make sure that your belongings are treated the right way from beginning to end, you need to hire the right company. The best moving companies, like Easy Movers Inc, have been around for a while. Therefore, you can trust them to take care of you. But before you hire movers, you should make sure that they can meet all of your needs.

Three Facts People Should Know about before Hiring Movers

Are you relocating to or within California? It would be best to research the areas you are considering. Some neighborhoods are more prosperous than others. They are safer, have better schools, and have more amenities. There is a lot of information about this state on the Internet, and most people planning on finding a new residence really do investigate their options. However, they often forget to research one other important aspect of their venture. They forget to study the various movers in San Rafael. Hiring an experienced, honest service provider can make the difference between a safe, successful endeavor and a world-class disaster. There are several issues citizens intending to relocate should consider before hiring movers. The list includes the following 3 facts.

1. Signs a Moving Company Is a Legitimate Business

Legitimate movers have a valid business license. You can ask the companies you are considering for proof. You can also inquire with the California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which is the entity currently regulating the local moving and storage industry. Professional movers need to pay for liability and workers’ compensation insurance. This is necessary protection in case one of the workers gets hurt on the job or accidentally damages the possessions of a customer during a move. Customers would not appreciate it if they had to pay the medical bills of one of the injured movers.

2. Reasons why CMSA Members Stand Out

CMSA members are encouraged to supply extensive training to old and new staff members. Even experienced workers sometimes need a refresher course, or an update on modern moving techniques. The trucks and equipment are always in optimal condition, and the movers participating in a relocation are dressed appropriately. They are well-mannered, and show great pride in their profession. These movers adhere to strict professional codes. They work very hard to uphold the moving industry’s high standards for service, professionalism, and pricing.

3. A Move Should Be Planned a Month in Advance

Professional moving companies urge potential customers to start planning their move no less than one month in advance. That gives them ample time to research their options, and obtain at least 3 written quotes. Although it would be easier to employ the first firm listed in the phone book; it may not be the smartest solution. Movers in San Rafael also need time to make arrangements. They need to ensure that a fitting truck and sufficient staff members are available on a customer’s moving date.

On-the-Job Incidents Call for a Truck Accident Lawyer


5On-the-job accidents can be troublesome enough, but when that accident involves driving, things can become even more complicated. If you have been involved in a collision while performing your job duties, whether you drive an over-the-road truck or a bulldozer, you need to get solid advice and assistance from a third party who is not affiliated with the company that employs you or the other person involved, if there is one, such as a truck accident lawyer in Pittsburgh. You may think you don’t need an attorney, but you do. Here’s why.

Your employer likely has a legal team, but their first and primary obligation is to look out for the best interests of the company. If you are suspected of causing the collision, this may mean that they seek for ways to clear you of fault to the extent that they can in order to reduce the business’s liability, but it doesn’t mean they are there to protect you from internal backlash. Continue reading

How to Buy Cell Phone Cases

Every cell phone should have a case. Cell phone cases exist to protect your phone, but they can also make it look stylish and different from your friends’ phones. How do you go about buying a cell phone case? After all, they’re available almost everywhere. First of all, you have to make sure that the case you’re buying is built to fit your phone. Second, you should be happy with the look of your case. Finally, the price needs to be right.

The Case Has to Fit

Buying a cell phone case is not always as easy as it sounds. While you can certainly get them almost anywhere, not all of them are right for your phone. In fact, if you go to a department store to look at phone cases, you’ll probably find several that you like. However, it’s quite possible that all of them are made to fit a different phone than the one you currently own. 

You can also find cell phone cases that are made to fit a variety of different phones. You’ll have to be careful here. Make sure that your particular model is on the list of phones that will fit the case. The easiest thing to do is to try it out before you go home. This way you can exchange it on the spot without much hassle. 

You Should Like Your Case

It’s understandable that you’re ready to buy any case that fits after looking at hundreds of them. However, that might not be a good idea. After all, how happy will you be with that case when you get home? Will you still like it in the morning? Do you want your friends to see it?

While you can certainly stop for the day and resume your shopping at a later time, you don’t need to give up and buy something you don’t like. Your phone will survive without a case for a few days. But if you really don’t like going from store to store, you might want to consider shopping online. It’ll be much less crowded than at the mall, and it will be less stressful for you. Plus, it will be easier to only look at the cases that actually fit your phone. 

The Price Must Be Right

You may have heard the saying that people who buy cheap will buy twice. However, that doesn’t necessarily apply to phone cases. In fact, none of them are made of heavy-duty materials. It would be counterproductive to the purpose of the case. After all, you want it to be light weight. 

When it comes to purchasing cell phone cases, you probably won’t regret buying a cheap one. They tend to get changed out anyway, because people switch cell phones all the time. And since they’re so cheap, you can buy more than one case. You could switch them out for fun or just keep an extra case as a backup. 

Learn More about Adoption Services

Having children is something that many people dream of doing in their life. Whether they want many kids or not so many kids, they dream of that day when they will hold a beautiful baby in their arms and know that he/she is theirs. For this reason, adoption has become a widespread thing to do when you aren’t able to have your own children for one reason or another, or when you want more children than you were able to have. And on the flip side, there are women and girls out there who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant and unable to care for their children in some way, and so they seek to find a family that is willing and ready to raise their child for them and give their child what they can’t. This is a very courageous and selfless thing for any woman or girl to do for her baby. The hard part of adoption is helping those women and girls find the families that they want to place their children with, and for it all to go smoothly through the legal process. To learn more you will want to contact a lawyer that helps with adoptions near you.

Finding a Lawyer

Not every lawyer that goes to law school is able or wants to help prospective birth moms and adoptive families get through the adoption process. There are many areas of law that lawyers choose to focus on with their careers. Because of this, it can be hard to find a lawyer that is willing and able to help you through the adoption legal process. You want one that not only is willing and able, but that also has a lot of experience so that you know you will have less bumps in the road and you will have someone who has been down that path before helping you get to the other side. It is worth more than words can say to have a lawyer like this helping you along. And it is even better when you can find a lawyer that does this and also helps birth moms and adoption-ready families find each other. Not many lawyers do this kind of adoption agency type work, but it is a great service when you can find it. And of course, you want a lawyer that you personally feel comfortable working with so closely through such an emotional journey.

Who Can Adopt?

If you are new to the adoption world either as a birth mom or as a potential family, and you want to learn more, you probably have lots of questions. One of the most asked questions is who can adopt? It is asked because there are so many interested families out there that may or may not be your typical family. Many single people, homosexual couples, and even older couples look to adopt at times, and they want to know if it is available to them too. It is. The deciding factor on who gets to adopt is completely up to the birth moms. They go through profiles of potential families for their baby, and they make the final call on who gets to adopt their baby. Therefore, it is up to the birth mom to decide who can adopt, but legally those who aren’t in the typical family situation also can have the opportunity to adopt a baby, which is great.

What Different Flowers Can Say

Are you trying to find the right flower to give your girlfriend on your anniversary? Do you have a sick relative and want to send them flowers to brighten their room? Or do you have a friend who you think could just use a little cheering up? Believe it or not, different flowers send different messages. Flower shops in NYC can help you find the right flower no matter what the occasion, but below are a few tips for sending the right message with your flowers.

A Romantic Gesture

Roses are commonly regarded as the most romantic of flowers, and flower shops will sell out of red roses on Valentine’s Day because of this. If you’re looking for a flower for a romantic partner, long-stemmed roses are always a safe bet. Pink, red, and white are good colors to give to show your romantic side. If you’re looking to be romantic without being semi-cliche, try orchids. Many regard orchids as the most romantic flowers of all, and they come in varying shades.

Get Well Soon

If you have a friend or family member who is sick or recovering in the hospital, flowers can send a message of thoughtfulness and wishes for their good health. Studies have shown that fresh cut flowers can actually lessen feelings of depression and anxiety, and can aid in a speedy recovery. Violets are a traditional flower to send to someone who is ill.

Simple Friendship

Everyone has bad days, bad weeks, and even bad months. If you know someone going through a rough patch, a bouquet or potted flowers can help lift their spirits. Irises and chrysanthemums traditionally represent friendship and send a message of cheerfulness. As mentioned above, flowers have been proven to improve people’s moods.

Make It Personal

Although there are traditional flowers for every message you would like to send, you should always keep the individual in mind before choosing to stick to tradition. If your romantic partner simply loves daisies, then choose daises over roses or orchids. If your friend’s favorite flower is a rose, then send them a rose, even if there is no romance between the two of you. You should also search for their favorite color in whatever type of flower you choose. Flower shops in NYC should carry a variety of flower species and colors.

Preparing Your Yard for Sod

The grass is coming! You’ve picked sod because you know all the advantages a sod lawn has over seed and you can’t wait for that instant lawn to show up. Images of sunny afternoons tossing a ball around with the kids or lounging in the shade with a good book have kept you going this long. You’ve probably browsed the home page of many sod supply companies in your search for the perfect blade of grass. Before the truck pulls up with your pallets of sod, you’ll want to make sure your yard is prepped and ready.

Dirt Prep

The slope of your property is important for many reasons. The major reason you want the dirt to slope away from your home is that it will encourage water to run away from your home instead of toward it. When water pools next to your foundation, it can cause leaks and weaken the structural integrity of the concrete. It’s best to make sure the water runs away from your home by building up the dirt next to the foundation and sloping it toward the curb.

Once your slope is the way you want it, you should bring in some top soil. They say the best lawns start with the best dirt. Many builders strip away the top soil, and sell it before they begin to build homes on the property. That’s great business because when the new owners move in, they need to buy top soil. You can also have your dirt tested by a soil expert to determine what nutrients are missing. They will make recommendations for fertilizer or other compounds to incorporate into the soil.


You’ll want to loosen the soil before your sod is installed. This will make it much easier for the roots to work their way into the dirt. Tilling also helps eliminate and control any weed seeds that are in the dirt. If those seeds, previously dormant, were prompted to grow because of the new watering schedule and such, they could overrun your lawn in less than a month. If your yard was previously full of weeds, you may want to work in some time to spray for them, allow them to die, and then remove them from the area before you lay the sod. This will give you the best defense against weeds and future outbreaks.

Roll It

If you’ve tilled the ground then you probably found a bunch of rocks. It’s important to remove as many as you can before you lay your top soil. If you tested your dirt and it was fine, then you probably didn’t bring in top soil. Therefore you’re going to want to get as many rocks as you can out by raking the area. Once it’s free from rocks, you can roll it with a lawn roller. Because you’ve tilled the dirt and loosened it, it may not settle cleanly. When you roll the area, it gets out all the bumps and divots and makes it a flat surface for the sod to lie on.

If you are looking for a sod supplier, you can check out the home page of those in your area, call a neighbor for a reference, or check the online yellow pages for a supply company nearby.  

Small Ways to Be Green

If everyone around the world made small efforts to be green and treat the world well, the difference would be astounding. People do not need to make the huge sacrifices that some people make to dramatically lower their carbon footprint. You can do your part through small changes in your life, such as taking your recycling to recycling centers in Sacramento or riding your bike more. 

Try to Lower Pollution

You might be amazed to hear how much pollution you create when you drive your car around each day. You can lower the amount of pollution you release from you car by driving less and helping others drive less. Find one or more people that live near you to carpool to work with each day. You will save gas money, pollute less, and be able to pass traffic in the carpool lane. You can make similar arrangements with picking up children from school and other situations where multiple people may be going to the same space. A lot of the driving you do may also be in a small area. Buy a bike and use that to get to places close by. If you live in the city, this should be easy to do. You’ll also save money on gas and get healthier by exercising more often.

Slow Down your Trash Creation

One of the biggest negative impacts that people have on the planet is the creation of trash. People make a large amount of trash throughout their lives, and most of it cannot decompose or be used for something useful. By making a few changes, you can greatly lower how much trash you create. You can begin by using your own cloth bags at the grocery store rather than taking the plastic or paper bags that they would otherwise give you. The cloth bags are cheap and convenient to use with stronger handles and more space. You can make similar changes around the house, such as using glass plates rather than disposable paper ones, and towels or rags instead of paper towels.

You can also create less trash by creating more recycling. Take everything that can be recycled and put them in a recycling bin: plastics, glass, paper, and so on. When you take these things to the recycling centers in Sacramento, they can be used again for something else. They won’t go into a landfill, and whatever they are used to make will not need to use new resources.